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There are lots of great products that become available every year, but understanding how these can be used successfully to enhance a project is something that Innovation house prides itself in. From building with shipping containers, panelled products, using multiple construction methods Innovation house has seen first hand the pros and cons of a lot of products and materials.

Understanding total solutions including installation, durability and affordability are paramount.

Like we often say “ this is a solution, not THE solution”.

Use our experience to make better choices.

Below is some best practice application you might consider

Waste Minimization

Approximately 32.4 million tonnes of solid waste was generated in Australia in 2002–03, an estimated 42% of which was building waste (Productivity Commission 2006). Minimising and recycling this waste can have significant social, economic and environmental benefits. Download the Fact Sheet…

Cladding Systems

Cladding is a non-loadbearing skin or layer attached to the outside of a home to shed water and protect the building from the effects of weather. It is a key element in the aesthetic appeal of the home and directly influences both building cost and property value. Download the Fact Sheet…