People Driven Properties

People Driven Properties

People Driven Properties

People Driven properties evolved to tackle some of the largest and most challenging issues with housing in Australia. 

The first challenge that we started with, was is there a better way to look at how our properties, to allow them evolve over time to suit our life cycles. With the idea of looking at aging in place and what does this look like. We know that more than 60% of the population would like to stay in their homes, but what does that look like?

We also know from the royal commission reports produced on aged care that, even before the covid impacts, that decentralized aged care is an imperative but how does that happen?

One of the largest roadblock to this is having honest conversations with people who need to be talking about how they are going to live in their future, and what that means for them and their families, and how that will impact on them financially and socially.

The second challenge that People driven properties started work on was the premise that housing should be achievable for all, as we know that a sense of place and confidence in you being able to have this is key to wellbeing. We can all agree that housing affordability is a major problem which is not getting better being left to the market.

Both of these issues have compounding implications when applied to regional areas of Australia.

We started with the work on why the market is now finding these solutions, and we have completed a couple of videos to explain why “business as usual” cannot tackle these issues.

If you have some time, you can see these here…..

We then started work appling the Innovation House framework in a completely different way to “business as usual” as both of these challenges need two things, to start with the “People” not the mechanisms, and secondly to find ways to collaborate as a group to reduce the cost for all.

Once we started this journey we realized the components missing and went to experts in these areas to be able to find solutions to these roadblocks to be able to find the pieces to the puzzle to make this happen.

Once we did this we realised a couple of really important outcomes, this can not only help a large groups of people who currently don’t have a solution in the market, but also for those with property or considering how there property might form part of the financial futures, that this was a intention collaboration between the people who needed it and properties that could benefit by the partnership.

This is People Driven Properties


Homebuyers, who can see the advantages of buying together and saving

People who already have a shared need like

Multigenerational living

Aging in place

Looking to get out of the affordability trap

People with shared interests

Seeking something different

People with Property

Is there a better use for my property rather than just selling it?

How can I maximize the value of my property?

Is succession planning a thought?

What if I like where I live, but it just doesn't suit

My property is getting tired, how can it suit me moving forward?

I really like the idea of helping out others while getting a benefit myself!

People in Property


Want to deliver on a best practice investment that makes you money and helps others?

Want to be part of the change?


Have a site that needs a special solution, start with the people not the development

Socially responsive financially beneficial outcomes

Fitting the puzzle together